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Triple C Meats is a full service meat processing plant that specializes in the processing of livestock and wild game. Also, we’re a butcher shop – stocked with quality cuts of meat that the entire family will enjoy.

Pork Bundle - $199

*Approx. 57 lb. Total* $3.49/lb. average
This package is based on a ½ hog size.

Variety Package - $339

*Total of about 74 lbs.* $4.58/lb. average

Beef Bundle - $609

*Approx. 98 lb. Total* $5.77/lb. average
This package is based on a ¼ beef size.

Whole/Half Animals


Beef hang at 350 to 400 lbs per side and are billed at $3.75 per lb including the processing fee. They are raised on a local farm and are
grain-finished. Patties, stew meat, cube steak are additional to the standard price.

Call or email to be put on a list for these custom options. $500 deposit required before cutting.

Just the way you like it


After harvesting a deer, drop off the whole deer (October through December) or just the boneless trim (boneless or quarters only in the month of January) and we can process the meat how you would like it so that you can enjoy it year-round. Allow 4-6 weeks for deer processing.

standard Cut- up



Summer Sausage

snack sticks

Sandwich Roll

Bratwurst in Links

Breakfast Sausage


We also accept boneless trim to process into burger or sausage of your choice. Because of volume we cannot keep each individual order separate. We reserve the right to refuse meat that is not the quality that we require for our products.

Please DO NOT put boneless meat in any kind of trash bag. Use food-approved plastic ziploc type bags or a clean ice chest. If you stop by before deboning your deer we will provide meat bags free of charge.

Field dress deer within a short time after harvesting:

  • Keep hair and ALL dirt off meat.
  • Ice meat or keep in freezer.

Wide variety of options

Specialty Sausages

With the unique mixtures of meats, we can provide a large variety of different options and flavors for people to try and have made for them. Come see what kind of sausage we can provide for you.

The flavors people love

Bratwurst Sausages

We make many flavors and varieties of Bratwurst. Check out our entire list of sausages below and try one of our tasty creations today!

Bratwurst Flavors

Summer Sausage

Snack Sticks


Pork Processing

We offer full-service custom butchering. You or your farmer brings the pig and we turn it into meat for your family to enjoy. Click on the cutting guide to begin filling out your sheet and then print and email or call us for help.

Trusty Beef

Beef Processing

We have a wide variety of beef in our retail section mostly grown by local farmers. If you have an upcoming date with us for custom butchering, click on the cutting guide to begin filling out your sheet and then print and email or call us for help.