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    Everyone is always welcome here at Triple C Meats in Anna, Illinois. Triple C Meats offers a large retail area, where it is still easy to pick up a few things. Our list of animals we prepare for the community includes Hogs, Cattle, Lamb, Goat, and Venison.

    These animals are bought and purchased from the local farmers located throughout our area. When a client comes into our butcher shop to place a meat order, they are always pleasantly surprised at the custom order process that we offer.

    Our professionals will walk you through the whole process of having your meat prepared and packaged. The minute details to you, are some of the most important to us. Once all the cuts are finished and packaged, we will freeze it and call to notify you that your meat will be ready for pick up. When you come to receive all the meat you ordered, we recommend that you bring coolers, boxes, or baskets to help transport all that meat home. We do have boxes on-site, but they are first come first serve.

  • Details About the Meat

    When it comes to butchering a hog or cow there is a standard that varies from animal to animal.

    A whole hog will weigh 285 lbs. live weight. After the butchering of the animal, there will be a hanging weight of 210 lbs. You can expect a take-home weight of 130 lbs. The variation of the hogs will affect the fat to lean ratio. This can mean that the bacon and the chops might not be the same every time.

    A whole beef will weigh 1300 lbs. live weight. The hanging weight of the cow will be 780 lbs. with a take-home weight of 460 lbs. Just like the hog, the beef will vary from animal to animal between the fat and meat.

    Any cut that you requested not to have in your order will do towards ground pork or sausage for the hog, and ground beef also known as a hamburger for the beef portion.

  • Download and Print Your Cutting Guide

    Download your copy of the cut sheets. Use these sheets as guides to help decide what you want out of the animal. If while you are deciding on what to have cut and you need help, our expert staff of butchers is ready to answer all the questions that you have.

  • Cattle Processing

    Need us to process your cattle and turn it into delicious, ready to cook meat? See below for our package details and let us help stock your freezer for the season! Actual weight of each package will vary based on your selection and hanging weight of the animal. A whole cow uses about 25 cubic feet of freezer space.

  • Whole Beef Package
    Approximately 400-460 lbs.


    Sample Breakdown of Cut Amounts
    Side of Beef (1/2 Beef)
    Chuck Roast – 12 lb.
    Arm Roast – 8 lb.
    Brisket – 11 lb.
    Ribeye – 7 lb.
    Short Ribs – 12 lb.
    T-Bone Steaks – 6 lb.
    Porterhouse Steaks – 2 lb.
    Sirloin Steaks – 8 lb.
    Flank Steak – 1.5 lb.
    Skirt Steak – 2 lb.
    Sirloin Tip Roast – 7.5 lb.
    Rump Roast – 3 lb.
    Cube Steak – 20 lb.
    Ground Beef – 100 lb.

  • Side of Beef Package
    Approximately 200-230 lbs.


    Quarter Beef Package
    Approximately 100-125 lbs.


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  • Hog Processing

    If you love bacon as much as us, you may want to get it in bulk. That way, it is never too far away when you need it most. Curious about what we can do with your hogs? Read below to learn about our hog processing packages! Actual weight of each package will vary based on your selection and the hanging weight of the animal. A whole hog will require about 5.5 cubic feet of freezer space.

  • Whole Hog Package
    Approximately 125 - 130 lbs.


    Bacon - 20 lb.
    Jowls– 2 lb.
    Medium Sausage – 28 lb.
    St. Louis Style Ribs – 5 lb.
    Pork Rib Tips – 3 lb.
    Pork Roasts – 11 lb.
    Pork Chops – 20 lb.
    Pork Steaks – 10 lb.
    Cured Ham Slices & Chunks – 26 lb.

  • Half Hog Package
    Approximately 60-70 lbs.


    hog processing anna il

  • Goat and Lamb Processing

    Goat and lamb processing is a little bit trickier to work around than the hog or cow. The goat and lamb are much smaller animals with less fat and meat available on them. On average when a customer brings a lamb in to be butchered, we can usually get two legs, anywhere from 8-12 lamb chops (varies on the size of the lamb), 2 racks of ribs, 4 shanks, ground lamb, liver, stew meat, and a kidney. Sometimes you will get more meat than expected and others it will be less. It all depends on the size of the animal.


    goat and lamb processing anna illinois

  • Before we begin this process please contact or knowledgeable staff about how you want your meat to be packaged. We can wrap the meat in freezer paper or vacuum seal it for an additional fee. You can always discuss this process in person at the counter or call us at 618-833-5986.

  • Beef, Pork, Lamb, & Goat Processing runs from January through October every year.

    Prices on all meat are subject to change based on the livestock market prices.

  • Try Our Sausages!

    Furthermore, sausage varieties include summer sausage and snack sticks in various flavors like cheddar, jalapeno cheese, and more. We can prepare deer bacon, sandwich rolls, bratwurst, and also offer breakfast sausage in regular and other flavors. Bring your deer to Triple C Meats from October 1st – December 31st (month of January trimmings or quarters only) to have it processed this season.