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  • Livestock & Deer Processing Marion Illinois

    Are you planning your annual holiday barbecue? If so, leave your guests in awe with delicious, tender meat from your local butcher shop in Marion, Illinois. Triple C Meats is a family-owned and operated business, established in 2013 with one goal in mind – bringing you quality meat. The community of Marion, Illinois can vouch for our reputation. We offer quality meats at an affordable price. Whether you need meat processing or need to do your grocery shopping, stop by the finest butcher shop in Southern Illinois. Fresh, smoked, and frozen items we typically carry include:

    • Fresh steaks and roasts
    • Tenderloins
    • Chops
    • Smoked meats
    • Ground Beef & Patties
    • Pork sausage
    • Beef quarters
    • Whole hogs and quarters
    • Brats and sausages
    • Meat cut to order
    • Assorted spices
    • Breakfast sausage
    • Local honey
  • Deer Processing in Marion IL

    Did you just come back from a hunting trip with a prize? Triple C Meats is your local deer processing facility in the Marion, Illinois area. We convert your prize into an assortment of quality cuts that your family and friends will love. As your meat processing center and full-service butcher shop, once we are finished with the task – you’ll be able to stock your freezer with meat galore. Triple C Meats deer processing choices include:

    • Sausage – Regular Breakfast Sausage, Bratwurst, or our renowned Philly Cheesesteak Brats
    • Ground Burger – Your choice of plain deer burger or with beef or pork added
    • Summer Sausage – Original Roll, Garlic Roll, Cheddar Roll, or Jalapeno and Cheddar Roll
    • Snack Sticks – Mild, Cheddar, Jalapeno and Cheddar, Tex Mex, or BBQ
    • Jerky
    • Deer Bacon
    • Sandwich Rolls
  • Beef Processing in the Marion Illinois Area

    Need us to process your cattle and turn it into delicious, ready to cook meat? See below for our package details and let us help stock your freezer for the season! Actual weight of each package will vary based on your selection and hanging weight of the animal. A whole cow uses about 25 cubic feet of freezer space.

  • Whole Beef Package
    Approximately 400-460 lbs.


    Sample Breakdown of Cut Amounts
    Side of Beef (1/2 Beef)
    Chuck Roast – 12 lb.
    Arm Roast – 8 lb.
    Brisket – 11 lb.
    Ribeye – 7 lb.
    Short Ribs – 12 lb.
    T-Bone Steaks – 6 lb.
    Porterhouse Steaks – 2 lb.
    Sirloin Steaks – 8 lb.
    Flank Steak – 1.5 lb.
    Skirt Steak – 2 lb.
    Sirloin Tip Roast – 7.5 lb.
    Rump Roast – 3 lb.
    Cube Steak – 20 lb.
    Ground Beef – 100 lb.

  • Side of Beef Package
    Approximately 200-230 lbs.


    Quarter Beef Package
    Approximately 100-125 lbs.


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  • Hog Processing Near Marion IL

    If you love bacon as much as us, you may want to get it in bulk. That way, it is never too far away when you need it most. Curious about what we can do with your hogs? Read below to learn about our hog processing packages! Actual weight of each package will vary based on your selection and the hanging weight of the animal. A whole hog will require about 5.5 cubic feet of freezer space.

  • Whole Hog Package
    Approximately 130 lbs.


    Bacon - 20 lb.
    Jowls– 2 lb.
    Medium Sausage – 28 lb.
    St. Louis Style Ribs – 5 lb.
    Pork Rib Tips – 3 lb.
    Pork Roasts – 11 lb.
    Pork Chops – 20 lb.
    Pork Steaks – 10 lb.
    Cured Ham Slices & Chunks – 26 lb.

  • Half Hog Package
    Approximately 60-70 lbs.


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  • Contact Us

    Since 2013, Triple C Meats has been the local leader in deer processing and meat retail throughout the Marion, Illinois area. If you go on a hunt and end up with a catch – we are here for your meat processing needs. We’re USDA inspected and members of the American Association of Meat Processors as well as the Illinois Association of Meat Processors. We offer an assortment of cuts and can customize any order. We can process beef, pork, goats, sheep, and deer. Whether you need your meat processed or just want to pick up a slab of ribs – visit Triple C Meats for the finest quality of meats at the most affordable prices.