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Deer season 2020

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Deer season runs from October 1st to mid January of the next year. It is a very busy time of the year for us since We do not do custom processing of domestic animals during November and December so that have our coolers cleaned out enough by January to be able to start back up with beef and hogs.

The following are some general practices and customs we have about deer season:

  •  The after-hours cooler is available from October 1st through the day before shotgun season. After that deer must be dropped off during normal business hours.
  • Deer must be field dressed when dropped off after hours
  • Please mark what actions should be taken with the antlers since we may skin before you are available to talk with us and we do not want to ruin a would be mount.
  • We often fill up our coolers by Saturday evening of first season and then wait a week or so to take deer again.
  • Sunday is a day of rest even during shotgun seasons. 
  • At January 1 we stop taking whole carcass deer and only take quarters or boneless trimmings during the month of January. The deadline for bringing in deer meat is January 30. 

When will I get my deer back?

  • Most deer are cut, packaged and frozen within 2 weeks. However the sausages are made in huge community batches so it takes a bit of time until we have all the batches of product made and can start putting orders together.
  • If you do not get any sausage made then you should get a call with in 2 weeks that your deer is finished.
  • Processing the sausages is what takes the longest. The more variety you get-the higher the chance that your order will be caught up waiting on one or more batches to get made so your order can be put together.
  • Generally speaking there are very few orders that take longer than 6 weeks and the vast majority are finished before 4 weeks are up.
  • We appreciate your patience and then also your promptness in picking the order up.
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New Freezer install for 2020
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New Cooler/Freezer for 2020