Family-owned & Operated

Our History

Triple C Meats is a family owned and operated business, located in Anna, Illinois and serves Southern Illinois residents & farmers with the highest quality of meat from the local region. We have a team of experienced butchers, capable of processing any way you’d like. In 2005, we opened as Campground Venison Processing due to setting up our first location next to a campground of the Cherokee Trail of Tears in Southern Illinois. Our first year we processed 70 deer, now that number is around 2,000! 2013 is when we changed our name to Triple C Meats, with the C’s standing for Campground Custom Cuts this is also the same time we transitioned to processing domestic livestock.

In 2015, we obtained our USDA inspection status which allows us to retail meat and wholesale to other brokers. We also package meat for various local farmers who sell their meat at farmer’s markets and other artisan restaurants.

Transparency is key

Our Mission

The goal at Triple C Meats is simple: offer fresh, high-quality meat at the best price. Our process of how we achieve that goal is what sets us apart. Transparency is key, we believe that you should be able to trust your butcher and know where your meat is coming from. These guidelines are what drives us every day.